NEWSFLASH: A personal note from the new chairman

Footie chums,

I hope that you are all well.

You will have received Terry’ e -mail sharing that he has stepped down as chairman.

We all owe Terry a great debt of gratitude for not only starting the club but for also putting significant personal effort into what it has become today.

As you know I have been appointed as Terry’ successor. 

I am very proud to accept this responsibility.

Of course, you as club members, will ratify this at the next AGM when I stand for re-election.

So ,what do I have in mind as chairman?

The answer is simple, they are the priorities that we have agreed as a committee and published in the ‘stepping into the future’ document.

As a brief reminder, our direction of travel over the next 6-18 months is –

  • successfully navigate the COVID-19 period
  • extend CCWFC’ reach into the community
  • increase club membership to 100+ by March 2022
  • further develop the ‘recreational’ element of our training
  • progressively develop more challenging training routines
  • extend the provision of 3G pitch training sessions
  • establish a tangible sponsorship relationship with Chelmsford City FC
  • establish a club o70’ team and campaign for an Essex o70’ league
  • actively nominate and sponsor players for county, regional and international trials
  • re-establish a vibrant social scene, once COVID-19 guidelines allow

Right now, our focus is on staying safe and staying connected.

I am sure that we will weather the storm and be back on a football pitch in the not-too-distant future.

I look forward to doing my best for you and the club.

Here is to a much brighter 2021.

Best wishes


CCWFC Chairman

Author: Chris Jullings