NEWSFLASH: House Party 8 – 19.30 – 21.00 Friday 19th February.

Footie chums,

I hope that you are all well !

This third lockdown (and the almost endless rain) are undoubtedly proving a challenge for many!

However, you sense the tide is starting to slowly turn and that by the time we get to March /April the light in the tunnel should be brighter.

We have our CCWFC committee meeting on Tuesday, with plenty of optimistic things to discuss about developing the club and planning for the season ahead.

I will drop you my usual update following the meeting.

Whilst we remain on hold of course Bob and I are still dishing up complete nonsense at the House Parties !?

We are averaging about 25 club members /partners / family at each house party and have had a range of entertainment including –

  • The Quiz
  • Stand-up comedy from Spence (northerners; cockneys ; 1920’ bods!!)
  • Theatrical pieces from Bill H
  • A range of stuff from Bob (including his postcards and the keepie uppie competition)
  • Mike H did the ‘strangest places you’ve played footie’
  • Alan P did the ‘favourite Xmas present’
  • Ollie did ‘heads or tails’
  • I’ve done ‘ something you didn’t know about your footie chums’
  • ….and of course, we have had bingo!

Most of it has been complete nonsense and sometimes not even that good.

It is, however, our nonsense.

So, if you haven’t joined before and would like to give it a try, why not sign up to the next one, House Party 8 , 19.30 – 21.00 Friday 19th Feb.

If folks have ideas for new features (to keep things fresh) please let me know.

More on the line-up in due course. 

Can folks please let me know by 5/2 if you are joining House Party 8.

Best wishes

Chris & Bob

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Author: Chris Jullings