NEWSFLASH: 14.00 -16.00 6th April 2021 CCWFC committee meeting – a flavour

Footie chums,

Well, it’s great being back at football!

We had our regular CCWFC committee meeting yesterday and as usual I thought it would be helpful to share a flavour of what was discussed /agreed.

The key messages from our committee meeting are :-

  1. Financials

Terry provided an update.

We reviewed the end of year accounts and we will post a net deficit of £480 for 20/21. 

The main reasons for this are (1) we have had less income because of the lockdowns (2) we gave ‘free’ sessions to members leading into Xmas worth over £500  (3) we have invested in bibs & new footballs and (4) ) we have reclassified £275 of stock (kit) 

This is consistent with our principles of seeking to breakeven and recycling funds to benefit members. 

We have total assets of £2449 at year end. Thank to Terry for his diligence on this.

  1. Social activities

I provided an update on social activities.

I shared that House Party 9 was a great success and that given the changing climate, we have now ‘mothballed’ the House Party programme. We had 220 attendances over the life of 9 House Party’ and have handed out 27 prizes (fizz and chocs). It has played an important part in keeping club identity in difficult times.

I shared that I have booked Friday 29th October 2021 at CCFC for our first face to face social event. I will write to you about this in more detail in due course but get the date in your diary !!! (now there’s a novelty!)

We anticipate returning to a monthly ‘bite to eat’ after Tues training post 21st June (subject to prevailing government guidance).

  1. COVID Officer report

Peter provided an update on the COVID position.

Our risk assessment has continued to hold us in good stead, particularly on our seamless return to playing.

The committee commented on the discipline and responsible behaviour that is evident throughout the club (both on and off the pitch).

Thank you to Peter for all of the hard work that has gone into keeping us all safe.

  1. Essex Walking Football League 

We discussed the approaching league season, the current ‘working’ position is as follows

  • We have 2 x o60 and 2x o65’ teams entered. We won’t have an o50’ side entered for 2021.
  • The EWFL are currently finalising entries (there are one or two clubs still to confirm)
  • We anticipate that the season will start on or around the 1st June (to be confirmed)
  • Teams will only play each other once this season , with the season ending at the end of October.
  • There will be several ‘rounds’ of play in June /July /Sept /Oct , where teams will typically play 3-4 matches on the day.
  • All EWFL o60’ and 065’ ‘rounds’ will be played on the Chelmsford 3G pitch. We will host some of these rounds, other clubs will host others.
  • We expect that the ‘rounds’, will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays. There is likely to be one ‘round’ per age group, per month (to be confirmed).

All of the above is subject to final confirmation.

Gary & Peter will manage the 2 x60’ teams and Gary & Bill H will manage the 2x 65’ teams. They will be responsible for selection and appointing team captains.

We have agreed to explore the possibility of some April / May ‘friendlies’ with 2-3 clubs (possibly Southend & Billericay ). Gary is leading on this.

  1. ‘Stepping into the future’ action plan – update

I gave an update on club development.

5.1 More help

Firstly, we were very pleased with the response to our call for ‘more help’. A thank you to Andy Fairhead & David Turner for jointly picking up the Membership Secretary role.

Also, to Gary Murphy and John Green for committing to the Club Development activity. Finally, to Geoff Stockley , Eddie Melvin, David Gregory and Les Gray for volunteering to help

on other club business.

David Clarke has also committed to continue as our independent auditor – thankyou to David.

5.2 Membership Audit

Thank you for participating in the membership audit , it was a very helpful and important exercise. It has brought all of your personal records up to date (including medical information).

We now have 66 club members.

I big thank you to Peter , who invested considerable time managing the exercise and updating information. We now anticipate doing this annually.

5.3 Sponsorship

We have specified a comprehensive  ‘sponsorship’ package to CCFC. This includes kit; equipment; marketing collateral at the ground; and possible contributions to our costs.

We have also asked for specific sponsorship for the club’ appearance at the Almelo international tournament.

Both are on the boil with Emma Rushen at CCFC – watch this space.

5.4 Marketing – growing the membership

We launch the club ads (and the interview with Spence and me ) on Chelmer Radio at 15.00 on Sunday 11th April. We acknowledged David Baker’ help in making this happen.

We have also developed a strong relationship with Andrew Haines, Media & Marketing Manager at CCFC and will be featuring regularly in CCFC media.

We also anticipate reviving our poster & leaflet drop at local venues from May onwards.

Our goal is to grow our membership to 100 by Sept 2022.

5.5 Over 70’ invitation tournament

We are keen to start testing specific provision for our o70’ membership.

We have agreed to initiate and host an Essex o70’ invitation tournament. We expect this to take place in August ( when there is a break in the league programme).

We anticipate it being a four-team tournament (maybe 6). Gary and I will start informally canvassing appetite from Essex clubs.

We will be looking for a couple of o70’ volunteers to participate in organising / running the day.

5.6 Coaching programme

Spence & Bob have been working together on developing the CCWFC coaching programme.

The programme will have a number of facets including a coaching manual (so that we standardise our routines at training), multi-media material that is accessible to everyone online,

together with specific ‘hints and tips’ videos from Spence. To give you a sense of what will be in toolkit -:

  • Requirements before starting a session
  • Club announcements
  • Health & Safety reminders
  • Warm up options (we are also involving Sam , our physio) in creating some short video clips that members can access at any time
  • Basic skills activity
  • Advanced skills activity
  • Spencer’ 60 seconds walking football tips
  • A short video on ‘what makes a good coach’

Bob is also going to update the photo /video material on ‘How to play walking football’.

We are going to use the existing group of coaches / team managers to develop this material.

I have got agreement from CCFC to use their pitch so that we can use it to stage coaching routines and get the drone / video footage for the toolkit.

Once we have developed things a little more (4-6 weeks) , Spence will write out to the members inviting interest in joining the coaching pool.

Folks will then participate in ‘coach the coach’ sessions.

Our goal is to establish a coaching ethos in the club – ‘ this is how we play walking football at Chelmsford City’. It will hold us in good stead in training as well as in competitions.

This is an exciting step for the club, there is no rush, it will take shape over the next 2-3 months.

  1. General

I hope that this summary keeps you connected to what is going on in the club and gives you a sense of the ambition that is now taking shape.

If you have any questions or ideas , please feel free to talk to Terry, Peter, Bob , Gary or myself.

The agreed minutes of the last Committee meeting (2/3) will be uploaded onto our website shortly.

Our next meeting is on the 5th May 2021.  

Best wishes and great to see folks kicking a ball again!



On behalf of the CCWFC Committee

Author: terry