First Steps

Footie chums,

Whilst ‘House Parties’ and newsletters are helpful in the current circumstances they are no substitute for being together and playing footie.

As we all know there have been strict guidelines from the FA restricting football being played.

Fortunately, the professional game has been nudging back under ‘project restart’ and as we know the Premiership resumes on the 17th June.

This has started to trickle throughout the game , but slowly.

 The CCWFC Committee has continued to meet monthly (virtually) to conduct club business, as you can imagine, the subject of safely returning  to football is a standing agenda item.

There are a host of practical considerations, not least of all, knowing when the council will re-open pitches (which will also facilitate access to our equipment).

We are not yet at that stage, but the Committee felt that we should start testing our way forward.

We arranged a 1 hour test session in Melbourne Park yesterday (9th June). 

We made this a group of 6 club members (Peter O ; Gary ; Mark; Bill S ; Bob ; and myself) , in line with current government guidelines.

We trialled a basic fitness and skills practice session and risk assessed all of the practical issues.

Based on our assessment  we believe that we could safely run basic fitness and skills sessions in Melbourne Park as a first step. (note this is the park not our 3 G pitch).

I will set out how you can indicate your interest to participate at the end of the e mail, but you firstly need to consider the following -:

  • Initially, sessions will run on Tuesday’ ( we will consider extending it to Thursday’ dependant on numbers and other logistical factors);
  • The sessions will be groups of 6 people , undertaking basic fitness and structured skills training; (see the attached guide to the structured sessions);
  • The sessions for 6 people, will have a 15 minutes staggered start (10.00am /10.15am /10.30). The number of staggered starts will be determined by the numbers interested in participating;

There are two reasons for this. Your own safety and  the club being seen to be publicly respectful of government guidelines on social distancing.

  • There will be no deviation from the prescribed programme;
  • There will be no structured football games (this will be kept under review in line with general government guidance on social distancing);
  • There will be an allocated ‘coach’ within each group of 6 people . The ‘coach’ will be the only person responsible for handling and setting out equipment.
  • You will be asked to attend in a particular colour shirt / top;
  • You will not have to wear shin pads (there will be absolutely no contact); you will not be able to touch the cones or handle a football;
  • In the fullness of time we may introduce a goalkeeping element, all goalkeepers would have to wear clean gloves;
  • You will be encouraged to bring a personal towel to deal with any excessive sweating and you are reminded that there are currently no toilet facilities at the park;

We are satisfied that we can provide a safe and enjoyable first step back towards football.

Initially, this step is basic fitness and skills training.

You need to consider your own health , personal circumstances and the above guidance very carefully and decide what is right for you.

We are proposing to pilot the first two sessions on Tuesday 16th and 23rd June (with staggered start times, dependant on numbers)

If you are interested in participating , please go onto PITCHERO and indicate your interest.

This is a first , small step back towards what we all dearly love – playing footie.

Best wishes


( on behalf of the CCWFC Committee)

Footie chums,

There has been a good response to yesterday’ invitation to consider start attending a basic fitness & skills training session.

There have been one or two questions about the position for clubmates who are over 70 or folks who have underlying health problems.

We have undertaken a detailed risk assessment and structured a pilot programme that we believe ,if properly adhered to, will be safe.

We cannot , as a club, however, take responsibility for individual decisions about whether this is right for you.

We have set out a comprehensive view about how this will run, individuals must make their own choice.

Having said this, it is easy to see how individuals may be uncertain about whether participation is right for them.

If you are over 70 and /or have an underlying health problem we recommend that in addition to reading yesterday’ e mail , that you also read the following government guidance.


The choice to attend is a personal choice , but we would expect that you take serious account  of your own health and your personal circumstances and the government guidance relating to them.

I am happy to talk to anyone who remains uncertain , if it helps.

Separately , Terry will be dropping out a note shortly that has a suggestion for how our o70’ , who meet the government guidance, set out above, could have some additional protection in their participation

Best wishes


On behalf of the CCWFC Committee

Author: Chris Jullings